Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS is the main reason for delivering necessary information to customers or users. In order to inform them of the services or products they use, it is necessary to provide quality information to the public at the right time. It does not contain any form of promotion or marketing data, therefore, according to the TRAI guidelines, it is allowed to send SMS to DND (Do Not Disturb) or NDNC registration number via transaction SMS. Sending information SMS to customers is very simple, fast and convenient.

Transactional SMS Gateway

Through informational or alert SMS, necessary notifications or updates can be sent to the public. For example, educational institutions can send emergency notifications to students and parents through transactional SMS services. Railways, banks, and other financial institutions can also inform people about services or conceal other necessary information from others. Bulk SMS in Samsaj Info Tech is a very effective strategy. With SMS, it is obviously an effective method to deliver quality information to individuals, because the medium helps to deliver the message directly to existing customers and potential customers. A large number of Indian companies are using this service to achieve their different goals.

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Benefits of Transactional SMS

  • Enable the function of sending messages to the DND number.
  • These SMS can be sent without any time limit.
  • Using transactional bulk SMS, urgent messages can be sent to a group of audiences.
  • Push delivery report option is available.
  • The free API is integrated into your software, and you only need to pay for SMS points; even if you can enable IP authentication to block the list server IP.

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