One Time Password (OTP)

OTP (or one-time password) is a dynamically generated string of numbers or alphanumerics used to authenticate and authenticate users before transactions or sessions in an application/website. OTP service providers are used by enterprises to improve data security and prevent phishing attacks, and can ensure timely delivery of OTP to appropriate customers through SMS and voice calls.


A one-time password or OTP SMS is basically an innovative security protocol in which a one-time password is generated and sent to the user’s registered mobile phone to help them easily access the content they need. By using OTP to enable your users to visit your site, you can greatly improve security by reducing the risk of phishing or online theft. In addition, OTP uses a two-factor authentication SMS mechanism to further ensure that you protect the digital identity of end users.At Samsaj Info Tech, our OTP SMS API can help you secure transactions and access your website. You can ensure the highest security of your customers’ private data and provide them with the best service through our OTP SMS gateway.

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OTP SMS Service

As the leading OTP SMS provider in the country today, Samsaj Info Tech provides you with the best OTP SMS service. Our platform will generate OTP SMS bound to a specific user, and this SMS can only be used for one login. When you use our OTP SMS gateway India, you can rest assured that one thing is that OTP can reach customers on your website immediately.You can use OTP verification to verify the mobile number that the customer added to your website. We also ensure the security of your customer data through two-step verification. In addition, you can track the delivery of OTP SMS. Samsaj Info Tech will always provide excellent hosting support to help you resolve any issues


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